Train to Teach

You will be placed in one of our host schools, where you will complete most of your training. You will begin your training on the first day of term in September. You will attend staff meetings and professional development days and will be treated as a member of staff from the outset. You will spend the majority of the week working and learning alongside teachers in the classroom. You will also have designated training days, with the majority of these training days taking place in our schools, and some Fridays throughout the year spent at the university.

You will do two assessed placements. The first assessed placement (AP1) takes place in October/November in a second placement school. The second assessed placement (AP2) takes place in the host school from the end of January until June. Your training will cover two consecutive key stages.

You will be required to submit three assignments to the university. Assignments will be founded upon educational theory as well as school based action research. In two of the assignments you will have the opportunity to demonstrate achievement at level 7, gaining 60 credits towards a Masters degree. You will attend training at the university on a regular basis to prepare you for these assignments and you will have full access to the university library.

Mentoring is a crucial part of our training programme. During your time in school you will work closely with a mentor in order to develop your knowledge and practice. Mentors are carefully selected for their ability to support and train aspiring teachers. You will also be assigned a university academic tutor who will provide guidance for the modular assignments.