Gillian Harlick

School: The King Edward VI School

I am passionate about what I do.  Helping students to achieve to the best of their ability, often exceeding their own expectations and developing a genuine engagement with learning gives me a great amount of satisfaction. As my career has progressed over the last nine years as an English teacher and Lead Learner, the opportunity to have an impact on students outside of my own classroom through supporting colleagues in my own school environment and others in schools across the country has been a privilege.

In my current role as Lead Learner at The King Edward VI School I have had responsibility for developing teaching and learning across the school. This includes planning and delivering CPD sessions based on staff and school priorities and developing our stage related offering for aspiring and new middle leaders. I have delivered CPD sessions to schools within our region, and presented at regional conferences on the development of an action research approach to CPD. As a coach and a mentor I continually challenge and support staff to develop their classroom practice and raise the bar of what they expect from both their students and themselves.

As the Lead Learner for Literacy, I have overseen the introduction of a reading development programme in KS3 and am now rolling this out in KS2 and KS3 in our feeder middle schools, focusing on identifying key cohorts who are not making expected progress and developing intervention programmes to try and remedy this. I have also presented nationally at SSAT conferences on developing whole school literacy practices and policies, including how to raise attainment at English GCSE. I am focused on the outcomes for students: using data in order to see what interventions are effective (and which are less so).