Glyn Evans

School: The King Edward VI School

Glyn Evans

I currently work as Subject Leader for Mathematics at The King Edward VI School. During my teaching career I have always put the interest of the students under my care first and believe that I have helped to shape the future lives of many young people. As a classroom teacher I have always aimed to provide students with a positive experience and feel that I have an extremely patient and caring nature which is backed up by a good sense of humour. This has allowed me to establish positive working relationships within the classroom.

Eight years ago I was appointed as subject leader and this brought with it new challenges as I now had responsibility for the mathematical education for all of our students as well as having responsibility for the development of the staff in my department. I feel that I have been successful in implementing positive change within the department and have created an appropriate environment where ideas are encouraged and nurtured, with staff sharing in the decision making process. In order to progress teamwork and development of staff is essential and I feel I have made a significant impact in building a hugely successful and hard-working team who all contribute to the success of the department.

In my role as subject leader I have worked closely with other key members of staff. In particular I meet regularly with the subject leaders of English and Science and members of CLG as we plan interventions in the core subjects. In the last few years I have helped to set up our Maths Grid. This was set up to have regular contact with other schools in the area in order to share good practice. In addition I have had regular contact with subject leaders from other schools in the area and further afield to offer advice and support and to continue to learn from others.

I believe I have strong inter and intra-personal skills and receive a lot of job satisfaction working with others whether in my leadership role or in the wider community. I welcome the chance to pass on my experience as we aim to enhance students’ mathematical education and develop our own teams and networks of support.