Nichola Johnstone

School: The King Edward VI School

Nichola Johnstone

My enthusiasm for my subject inspired my pursuit of a career in teaching. Now I am in the privileged position of being able to encourage the same enthusiasm in my students. I have been a History Teacher at The King Edward VI School for 18 years, I was an AST for 6 years from 2005-11 and for the last five years I have been a Lead Learner. In my role as Lead Learner I have responsibility for developing Teaching and Learning across the school, leading on independent learning and EPQ.

The reason working at KEVI is such a rewarding job is simply the students, their aspirations, outlook and attitude. Much as I value this experience I am also motivated to support other students and staff in different contexts. This type of outreach work was one of the aspects of my role as an AST which I found especially rewarding as it enabled me to work with a range of teachers across different departments, schools and contexts.

As part of my Lead Learner role I am frequently asked to be observed by other staff, especially NQTs, to model creative and innovative Teaching and Learning strategies. I am also involved in delivering CPD every year. This includes leading working parties and delivering training on different school priorities to staff across different departments and at different career stages. As part of this I have co-ordinated action research projects across the school, supporting staff in conducting research, writing case studies and delivering presentations.  Coaching and mentoring is another important aspect of my role.