Effective Use of Data

Kate Simpson

School: The Three Rivers Learning Trust

Kate Simpson

I have worked with schools since 2001 supporting them with data management, system development, analysis and interpretation. Having first worked for the County Council supporting over 200 schools, in 2013 I moved on to work within The Three Rivers Learning Trust as Senior Performance Analyst. These roles have given me a wealth of experience in system development, data automation and analysis techniques. I have provided one to one support to senior leaders and data specialists and facilitated group training.

I am a keen researcher and feel this allows me to stay abreast of educational change and create bespoke and innovative data analysis tools across The Three Rivers Learning Trust suited to a range of audiences from SLT to classroom teachers. There has been dramatic change within education over the last few years with multiple reforms to the accountability framework and there will continue to be so in the future. I am keen to support other schools to keep pace with these developments and support them in developing personalised and user friendly data systems that are flexible and able to respond to the many changes that will continue to happen over the coming years.  

I feel like my expert knowledge comes from my genuine enthusiasm for the effective use of all strands of performance data. I have a keen interest in supporting colleagues to re-evaluate their practice and enjoy the challenge of developing systems that will be efficient and sustainable. I have developed excellent working relationships with colleagues in the schools I have worked with and remain a point of contact for frequent queries and advice.

I get a great deal of pleasure and job satisfaction through coaching, mentoring and supporting a wide variety of colleagues to help develop their own systems and practice to allow them to make effective use of data.